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Do you make molds for anything other than blue butt splices?

SpliSeal Butt Splice Molds are designed for use with insulated connectors. Other properly insulated butt splice connections can be encapsulated using SpliSeal. Because terminals (ring, spade, slide, etc) are at the end of a wire (and connected to a terminal anyway), we make molds for insulated and un-insulated terminals.

Do I have to use a butt splice?

Yes, we make molds for 10-12 gauge (yellow), 14-16 gauge (blue) and 18-22 gauge (red) connectors like ring tongue, slide or spade (disconnect), insulation displacement splices (such as ScotchLock (r) Brand), and many others. We also make multiple cavity molds for trailer connectors, etc.

Why can't I just twist two wires together and seal them?

SpliSeal Butt Splice molds must be used with a properly insulated, and mechanically sound connection. You can use an insulated butt connector, an uninsulated butt connector or properly soldered joint with heat shrink or electrical tape, or any other method of making a sound connection that is properly insulated. It's simply not worth the risk that one strand of wire may stick out or that a critical connection may pull apart.

Can't I just use a regular glue gun?

SpliSeal Sealant Guns are high temperature units, with higher flow rates than regular glue guns. Low temperature hobby guns will simply not melt the sealant fast enough to get a good cavity fill.

Where can I buy SpliSeal kits, molds, and sealant?

SpliSeal Kits, molds, sealant, and replacement components are available on our online store.  You can use the above menu or click here to visit the store.